I have been going to Eastern Medical Center for over three years. I am a World Class, National Champion Master's swimmer. I first went to see Dr. Shen in 2007 with a sciatic nerve issue in my hip that came from over training. I could not do flip turns. After one treatment, I regained movement and within a few weeks my pain had reduced so much that it was intermittent. By the end of the year, it was gone. I was so happy that I did not go down my typical Western medical approach which would have been pain killers and physical therapy and no training. If I had followed that path I would not have won two National Championships in Master's Swimming in 2008. 

In the course of being treated for my sciatic nerve, I also had Dr. Shen help me with sore shoulders, scar tissue related to an MCL injury, allergies that curtailed my breathing, general recovery from intense training and lots of stress. 

I recommend Dr. Shen to anyone for any ailment. Her treatments are drug free, relaxing and they work! 
Thanks Dr. Shen!

Bill M.

Contra Costa, CA

“Over 25 years ago I was in a serious motorcycle accident. My left arm was paralyzed and I had to learn to live my life with one arm. As time went by I got used to just using my right arm never thinking anything could happen to it just doing regular daily activities. I would lift weights, lift boxes using my arm and my body, mow lawns and do just about everything a person with two arms could do. It did take longer and I would have to figure out how I would get things done with one arm, but I was able to adjust my body and live life as normal as possible. The wear and tear of using just using one arm brings injuries you don’t think would happen.
In 2011, I tore my rotator cuff and was basically trying to live without having any arms. I only had one arm that could work so I rushed my healing. I went to a physical therapist for a couple months and that helped me get some motion back, but I was still in pain. My wife was seeing Dr Shen for some back injuries and suggested I see her. I was a little skeptical about getting acupuncture, so I chose to have acupressure done. That helped relieve some of the pain, but I did not see Dr Shen consistently and just learned to live with the pain.
In 2016, I tore my rotator cuff again. I was put back to the same predicament as I was when I tore my rotator cuff in 2011. I was again stuck living without any arms as I was when I tore my rotator cuff in 2011. After the operation I did the same as earlier. I went to physical therapy, then went and saw Dr Shen for more acupressure and again I wasn’t consistent seeing Dr Shen, even though she was bringing relief to the pain. Again I went on dealing with the pain myself. I just went back living with the pain and using pain killers when needed.
In 2018, I tore my rotator cuff again. I had an MRI done and my Dr told me it was just a small tear and it would be easily repaired. When she went in my shoulder and performed microscopic surgery. She found the tendon to my bicep was shredded and the muscle was ready to fall off the tendon, so the small tear in my rotator cuff became a major surgery. She repaired my tendon and the rotator cuff and I started physical therapy again. I was seeing my therapist twice a week for three months. My therapist taught me how to give my arm motion and began giving exercises to strengthen my shoulder. My therapy consisted of having my shoulder moved around with the therapist applying pressure to my shoulder and trying to get my shoulder to lay flat against the table I was on, having me on my side and make adjustments to my shoulder in that position and a number of other exercises. After every session my shoulder hurt all day and I would take a Norco to ease the pain. I saw another doctor after the three months of therapy. I told the doctor the problem I was having with physical therapy and she told me to stop my therapy and start taking muscle relaxers, because the therapy was only causing pain, Norco was disguising the pain and if I began taking muscle relaxers that would allow the muscles to be relaxed and help it heal by not putting stress on my shoulder. The muscle relaxers did not work and I felt helpless until one day I thought of Dr Shen and decided to make an appointment to see her.
I told Dr Shen that I was living with pain that was more extreme then my previous operations and that I could barely use my arm. It hurt swinging back and forth when I walked, I could barely pick up things that weighed five pounds and I could not do any physical activities. My first appointment I made was for acupuncture not acupressure. I was still skeptical, but I thought there wasn’t anything else I could do. I thought all they did was put pins in pressure points to heal the problem, but I was naïve and didn’t realize there was so much more to acupuncture. Dr Shen began poking my shoulder and back with pins and put cups over the area where she poked the holes in me. The cups were like suction cups that pulled the skin up and drew out old blood and letting fresh blood begin to flow through my body. A couple of

other cups were pulling out air bubbles in to the cups and she told me that was arthritis. When she was done eighty percent of the pain was gone. I was able to lift my arm straight up in front of me and straight up from the side. I swung my arm as if I was walking and was pain free. I was amazed and fortunate to know an acupuncturist that I knew and could trust.
My next step is to exercise my arm and shoulder to build up my strength, which I would not be able to if I did not see Dr Shen. She brought serious relief to the pain I was in. Physical therapy gave me ways to build up my muscles, but I would not be able to do that without the treatment I received from Dr Shen. People believe only or your regular doctor or a specialist they refer you to can heal an injury or other medical problems, but if you live in constant pain or any other illness sometimes to step out of the normal procedures and look at other options can help. I found that acupuncture is real and after all the pain and discomfort I’ve been through choosing acupuncture was the right choice.”
Armando Alemania

Thank you Mando 🙏


Livermore, Ca

I highly recommend Eastern Medical Center for acupuncture / acupressure.  They have helped me and my family members with issues ranging from back pain / neck pain, insomnia, flu and cold symptoms and stress relief.  Dr. Teresa Shen is very knowledgeable and explains how her treatments can benefit you.  We have been patients for many years and continue to see Dr. Shen on a regular basis.

Daisy C.

Pleasanton, CA

My wife introduced me to Dr Teresa Shen at Easterm Medical Center and thank heaven she did!  You see, I'm an avid runner and my sports orthopedist suspected I had a tear in the medial meniscus in my left knee and strongly recommended arthroscopic surgery to repair.  I took x-rays and had a complete MRI done only to find out neither was conclusive.  Through a series of regular acupressure & acupuncture treatments over a few months with Dr Shen, I was able to get back to my normal regiment of running without pain and may have avoided an unnecessary surgery.  Dr Shen was awesome & I would completely recommend her to anyone in a similar situation !!

Eric S.

Pleasanton, CA

I avoided 2 medical leave of absence in 2008 and 2009 (frozen shoulder, pinched nerve) because of the "wonder" and healing of Acupuncture by Dr. Shen... 
I don't go to Physical Therapy where routine is a norm and always rushing/busy attending other patients at the same time. At Eastern Medical, you get your full service appointment. 

Thanks Dr. Shen and to your friendly staff.

Marichu P.

Tracy, CA

Dr. Teresa Shen at the Eastern Medical is great. My wife and I had several minor medical issues and we decided to try acupuncture. We are now believers, mostly because of the wonderful Dr. Shen. She gave us great diagnosis and encouraged us to eat healthier - although we are already both in pretty good shape. 

Steve H.

Walnut Creek, CA

I've received numerous acupuncture treatments from Dr. Teresa Shen and found her work to be very helpful. She listens well, is gentle, and skilled in her craft. Every time I've seen Dr. Shen, I've been pleased with the results.

Trina S.

Danville, CA

I have been going to Eastern Medical Center for over a two years now. This place is excellent for Acupuncture. Theresa is second generation acupuncturist, and her father was quiet famous acupuncturist. She truly is there to make sure that you are a healthier, happier version of you. She not only will work on your body and sore muscles but will also give you additional advice on what to do that will help you.  The staff is very professional and the setting is very relaxing. And believe me they all really know what they are doing.

Karla O.

Pleasanton, CA

Dr. Teresa Shen is not only a gifted clinician but a lovely person as well. I started seeing her in February after a particularly stressful time in my life. She was able to balance my system and restore my energy and vitality. After only a few sessions she was also able to remove my chronic knee pain allowing me to work out with a personal trainer free of pain. Because of my great results, I brought my two boys ages 5 and 8 to see her as well. She was very gentle and non-threatening and helped both boys with issues around ear infections and upper respiratory infections. I highly recommend Dr. Shen to anyone wanting to optimize their health.

Mary K.

Livermore, CA

Dr. Shen has changed my life!  have had a chronic abdominal mass for which I was having lupron  injections every 10 weeks to control pain and growth. I went to Dr. Shen 2 weeks before my shot was due, as I was starting to experience the familiar pain, and after only 1 treatment I was pain free.  I went to my OB-GYN since I have not needed an injection in over 12 weeks, and he sent me for an ultrasound. I am ecstatic to say the mass is gone!  I now am working on other health issues and am completely  amazed at the effect acupuncture had made on my life.

Rochelle W.

San Ramon, CA

Dr. Shen is the best! 

I suffer from extreme sinus infections which no Western Medical Doctor has been able to alleviate, despite ALL the crazy medicine they have put me on with strange side effects. 

I called up Dr. Shen one evening in the worst pain I have every experienced from a MAJOR infection. She told me to come right in and she would take care of me even though they were getting ready to close, and I still had to drive out to her which would take me 45min. 

When I arrived my face was so swollen, and my head in so much pain from the sinus pressure I could barely see to fill out the paper work. 

She took me right in and eased my mind about the needles as I am a chicken when it comes to that :/ She was also very thorough about going over my medical history, and the issues at hand. 

Once she began the needle application, I felt very relaxed, and they did not hurt at all. She then left me with a nice warming lamp for about 30min, before coming back to remove the needles. 

As she removed the needles I already began feeling a difference in my sinus pressure. Then she decided to do the 'Cupping' down my back. She left the cups on for a short while, and the big relief came when she removed them! All of my sinus pressure and pain immediately dissipated. My swelling was gone, and I could BREATH :-D 

From that day forward I became a strong believer in the pure healing power of Eastern Medicine, and Dr. Shen's abilities. 

I am and will continue to be a loyal patient of Dr. Teresa Shen, and I make it a point to recommend her to anyone I know, or meet that has an element, or simply the desire to feel great. 

Thank you so much Teresa :-D

Nicole J.

Antioch, CA

I have  really bad lower back pain and shoulder pain since 2007, I went to EMC at least twice a month, and all the pain seems gone. 
I have to say, it is a miracle!
Nice service, thanks to EMC.

Jasmine S.

San Ramon, CA

I experienced cosmetic acupuncture by Dr,Teresa.
It was great and still working now  few month after the session. 
She finds all my problems or unbalanced point of my condition, not only skin, whole entire body first. Then she applies some needles, then I relaxed, fall a sleep next 15-minutes or so then done with very nice refreshed feeling. She gives me some acu-pressure facial massage at last.
First of all my puffiness of my face and under-tummy was gone, second my face's skin started no more dried, and became evenly tone.
Then finally my jaw line got tight and lifted naturally.
It is amazing that I am still felling the benefit after the session still now. 
I am getting many compliments from friends about my skin after the session.
One day I was very worried about my teen-ager son (he made little trouble the day before), Dr.Teresa said "You worry too much!" after she checked my pause, even I didn't tell her anything!!!. 

Dr. Teresa is also learning all the time, she is full by huge motivation.
I really respect her.

Masami R.

Alameda, CA

Last year in August, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery, I had an extremely horrible cough, and my entire abdomen was in unbearable pain. Dr. Teresa treated me with acupuncture, and my cough and pain were entirely gone that night. After, she often helped me with acupuncture, and my body recovered incredibly quickly. This helped tremendously in my process of completing six times of chemotherapy. If it were not for the Eastern Medical Center and Dr. Theresa, my chemotherapy wouldn't have gone so smoothly. I'm so grateful for the care that Dr. Theresa has provided for me!

Yushan M.

Pleasanton, CA

After 6 years of insomnia, I finally sleep through the night with thanks to Dr. Shen.  I now sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and full of energy.  Adding acupuncture and Netrametrix dreamz & opc-3  is the only part of my daily routine that has changed, and it's been wonderful!  Dr. Shen has the kind of personality that brightens your outlook on life and leaves you smiling after each visit. 

This is from my husband Henry
My wife had told me about Dr. Shen, I was diagnosed with a bulged disc 3 years ago and had suffered with the pain for many years. my low back pain became excruciating and radiated down to my both legs into my calf, after months of steady acupuncture treatments and going though the Transitions weight management system with Dr Shen, I no longer have any pain and can enjoy living again. Thank you Dr Shen for all you have done.

Qui J.

Pleasanton, CA

After relocating to Walnut Creek from the East Coast, I found myself feeling anxious more often than not and plagued by various stomach and digestive problems.  When Western medicine failed me in these areas for many years. I found myself looking for alternative therapies and I am so thankful that I found Dr Teresa Shen.  Her compassionate treatment and Nutrametrix products have not only rid me completely of my stomach problems, but have helped me to be more relaxed, better able to manage my stress, and more centered in myself.  I recommend Dr Teresa Shen wholeheartedly.

Jack Z.

Concord, CA

I had never gotten acupuncture before last week, but Dr. Teresa Shen is really friendly and will put you right at ease. I was experiencing severe aches and pains which happens to me once in a while if I'm getting a really bad cold. She told me acupuncture could help, and amazingly, it did! I'm usually out for a few days to a week when I get this sick, but this time I was feeling not just better, but GREAT after only a day. Who knew acupuncture could help you heal from a bad cold! I am now a believer! If you are on the fence about getting acupuncture, then give this place a try!

Katherine C.

San Ramon, CA

I really appreciate Teresa Shen who help me in my back pain that lasted for 30 years. I had great improvement and it is not really hurting me now. I can walk and do some limited exercise now. I can also do some house work. I would never imagine that I can have these activities a year ago.

Lianyun J.

Pleasanton, CA

Teresa Shen is a skilled and caring acupuncturist who trained in China. This impresses me as western trained practitioners have never done much for me. I have been amazed at what she did for me and two friends of mine. I have been to many acupuncturists, and is truly amazing, beyond any other I have tried. I only needed three treatments to completely change a condition that has persisted for several years. I plan on going back as the change in energy flow helps in many areas other than my main issue. 

The comments about billing practices are dated as the staff and most of the business practices have been replaced with a model that works for me. My understanding is that her father died and left her the practice, and that it took her several months to get things in order there. I think she has done a great job.


Berkeley, CA

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