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Seitai Shinpo is a Japanese style acupuncture that combines acupuncture and moxibustion (also known as moxa) to align the spine and pelvis. Through the works of Seitai Shinpo, needles are inserted in the proper areas of the body to release muscle tensions and muscle contractions along the spine.  The carefully inserted needles sends messages to the brain and throughout the body to release endorphins, serotonin, and other natural chemicals in the body for any muscle tension or any irregular muscle contractions to go away.  As these needles are inserted into the body, moxa is applied directly on top of the targeted points to help the body produce more white blood cells to assist with any viral or bacterial invasions. Moxa also reduces any inflammation that can be around the spine, strengthen adrenal activity, and support the cardiovascular system. The combination of these two methods allows the spine to naturally realign itself.  As a result, pain relief is nearly immediate as blood can once again reach the internal organs. In order to become certified in Seitai Shinpo, one must commit to a 4 year apprenticeship on the Big Island of Hawaii and attend a program led by Dr. Chieko Maekawa.  Eastern Medical Center is proud to work with Adrienne Dooling L.Ac who is one of 29 to complete this apprenticeship on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Currently, Dr. Dooling only practices on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Eastern Medical Center.

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