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The Day of Outreach is a charity that provides food and resources to families who find they are struggling in these difficult economic times. The Outreach Center provides meats, canned goods, toiletries, and school supplies to those in need. Eastern Medical Center's very own, Joshua Brown, spends his Thursday nights volunteering at this center to give back to his community by serving meals to those who are less fortunate.  At The Day of Outreach, Dr. Eric Wei Wang was able to provide Acupuncture to 15 different people both to volunteers and the less fortunate, Clinton was able to give 3 sessions of Active Release Technique, and Eastern Medical Center was able to raise $210 to give to those in need.

Left to Right

(Roger Brown - Outreach Volunteer, Joshua Brown of Eastern Medical Center, Stephanie Williams - Outreach Leader, Julio Gonzales - Outreach Volunteer, and Eric Wei Wang of Eastern Medical Center)

Day of Outreach

Outreach Center

2333 Nissen Drive

Livermore, CA 94551

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