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Parents are not the only one who need massages these days. With kids being more active and competitive than ever, it is most likely the kids may need the massage more than their parents. Being active and playing sports of all ages can take a toll on anyones body and taking care of that body is what Eastern Medical Center does best. Active Release Technique is a massage that helps with the recovery of soft tissue function through the removal of scar tissue by breaking up adhesions and tight muscles which relieves tissue tension and increase joint mobilization for pre or post workout activities. Active Release Technique can help kids of all ages optimize or recover their body for maximum performance. 

Active Release Therapist Clinton Muhammad of Eastern Medical Center

Eastern Medical Center's Active Release Therapist, Clinton Muhammad

Athlete feels amazing after his Active Release Technique Massage

Alex F. loves running. At the age of 13, Alex runs marathons on a weekly basis and if there isn't a marathon to run, you can find Alex running on his free time. In order to keep in optimal performance, Alex sees Clinton Muhammad for Active Release Technique once a week at Eastern Medical Center to make sure he himself can keep up with his running.

You can just tell how Alex F. feels with his big smile after his Active Release Technique Session with Clinton Muhammad

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