Women’s Health: Fertility

EMCs Women's Health: Fertility

Can Acupuncture Help With Fertility? Absolutely!
By Dr. Teresa Shen, on July 21st, 2010

Acupuncture is particularly effective in helping you get pregnant. Besides all the current research and past treatment sessions, there are three recent patient stories that tell me acupuncture can do wonders for fertility. All of these patients ultimately got pregnant, but they all came in for very different reasons:

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The Endometriosis Patient

This woman came to Eastern Medical Center experiencing intense pain from a recent surgery. On a scale of 0-10, she said her pain level was a “10.” All she wanted from acupuncture was some pain relief — and after one treatment she reported an “90 percent” reduction of her pain. She returned one more time to get rid of the rest of that pain for good.

Once she wasn’t dealing with excruciating pain, she was again clear and relaxed enough to consider, and talk about, her other health goals. The big one revolved around fertility. She wanted to get pregnant, but physicians had told her that it would be difficult for her to get pregnant considering her endometriosis condition. We started addressing that through acupuncture by removing blockages and increasing blood flow. The acupuncture helped stimulation to the uterus and vascularize the lining and keep the area open from obstructions or imbalances. We strengthened her energy so that she could hold the pregnancy. And soon after, she got pregnant!

The Arthritis Patient

This woman came in with arthritis in her hands. As that condition improved with acupuncture, she mentioned that she wanted to have another child but had a very particular concern: She once had an abortion that might affect a new pregnancy. From an Eastern medical perspective, this abortion left a bruise, stagnant blood that we wanted to get rid of so that the energy could flow properly again. We also didn’t want there to be any cellular memory of the abortion to be there, as that could increase the possibility of a miscarriage. She was already exercising regularly, which was a big help. So, we used acupuncture for stimulation, blood circulation and good energy flow through the meridians in her body to help boost her metabolism. After four treatments, she got pregnant and we kept working together to support her body and prevent any problems throughout the pregnancy.

The ‘Cravings’ Patient

This woman wanted to lose weight and needed help with the various addictions in her life. Through acupuncture, we helped her stop smoking, reduce her cravings for junky foods and reduce her appetite. Yet, she still wasn’t seeing the weight loss she wanted. An investigation into that concern revealed that she wasn’t losing weight because she, in fact, had gotten pregnant! So, our acupuncture started focusing on alleviating “morning sickness” and helping her body feel good throughout the pregnancy.

Many women experience morning sickness because of energetic weakness. Energy is meant to go down through the stomach channel. But when there’s a bulge and if the body is weak, the energy tries to go down but fails … and begins to reverse flow. And when what’s supposed to be going down reverses flow and comes back up, that’s what morning sickness looks and feels like.

Acupuncture is a tremendous resource for dealing with the various conditions women experience when pregnant — from food cravings to morning sickness to arthritis, swelling and migraines. Sometimes a woman’s body runs so hot during pregnancy that no amount of air conditioning will give her relief. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs help her reduce those problems naturally, without medications.

So, if you or someone you care about either wants to get pregnant or is concerned about ensuring a healthy pregnancy, please contact me at Eastern Medical Center to see how acupuncture can help. And if any of the other conditions mentioned in this post (endometriosis, arthritis, addiction, intense pain) ring a bell, we’d love to help with that, too.

Acupuncture combined with Laser Therapy has proven to be a very effective healthcare cocktail to treat numerous issues that inflict women. We specialize in programs that assist with weight losssmoking/addiction cessationcosmetic treatmentsanxiety and stress management, and hormone balancing too. See our Packages and make an appointment today, by calling our office, or use our automated booking system below.

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