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Nov 9, 2017 – Dr. Shen and her entire staff are so worth coming to Eastern Medical Center. I always feel welcome and they truly make you feel comfortable as a patient. The decor and aura inside also helps create a positive environment. The main reason I started coming here earlier this year is because I was having some pain and discomfort in my wrist from the boxing workouts I do. I never look forward to seeing a doctor so I thought I would try something new and boy was I glad I did! I did an initial acupuncture and acupressure treatment with Dr. Shen and now I’m hooked. It’s a great experience all around — with your mind, body, and spirit. The acupuncture really helps stimulate the healing process and I have even noticed an improvement with my overall well-being. Recently I came down with a bad case of hives from a insect bite and decided to see if acupuncture would again be the magic elixir for my physical woes. Sure enough I’m noticing good results already and it’s only been a day since my treatment with Dr. Shen. She also recommended several methods for me to do at home on my own to further my treatment, which shows that she genuinely cares about the people that she treats. My rash is starting to itch less and is less dark in several areas. What a relief! These days my wrist pain is almost completely gone and I still like going just to take care of myself like routine maintenance on a car. Also, I have always had a hard time managing my stress but every time I leave a treatment I feel like a million bucks! Highly recommend! — Jason Wong, Owner at 9Rounds Kickboxing

My Emotional Body Release session with Dr. Shen was a profoundly healing experience. Her techniques were gentle and effective. I was able to release deeply held childhood wounding. I have been working on this wounding for many years through psychotherapy, energy healing and other forms of spiritual work. Dr. Shen presented me with tools to help me move forward into a more healing and understanding space. I would recommend this therapy for anyone looking for a deeper form of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’ Buddha Siddhartha Guatama. – S.J.

As a fellow health care provider, I have worked collaboratively with Ms. Dooling on some of my chiropractic patients. She has shown herself to be insightful, intellectually curious, instructive, and most importantly a skilled practitioner. She has been instrumental in helping to facilitate positive outcomes with patients that needed adjunctive care and not just my adjustments.I have been a patient of Ms. Dooling for the past two years and I have benefited from her expertise as an acupuncturist. As a practitioner, she has shown herself be compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive. With the use of needles and herbs, she has helped me significantly with my personal health issues. – Dr. N Brustin 2016

I saw Adrienne for plantar fasciitis and after three treatments am walking pain free.” -Seitai Shinpo Patient

5 Star Yelp Review | Sep 2, 2017 – Dr. Shen and the rest of the staff is always so friendly and informative. Dr. Shen has a calming voice and describes everything she does. I always leave the office relaxed and calm. I recently came here after two weeks of Bells Palsy, in a slight panic that my face was going to stay stuck. After one treatment, there was noticeable improvements the next day. Thank you Teresa! This was in part thanks to Angelina Jolie who brought awareness that acupuncture helps Bell’s Palsy!!! INSIDE VANITY FAIR: Last year, in addition to hypertension, Jolie developed Bell’s palsy, a result of damage to facial nerves, causing one side of her face to droop. “Sometimes women in families put themselves last,” she says, “until it manifests itself in their own health.” Jolie credits acupuncture for her full recovery from the condition. https://www.vanityfair.com/…/…/07/angelina-jolie-cover-story

You are the miracle worker you know about the issue with my back from the car accident. Over 10 years and then 1 treatment by you the Acupuncturist. you Dr Teresa Shen and I haven’t had any issues now for almost 7 years! MANY THANKS! I hope I’m not needling you about this. Ha Ha! Thanks, Make it a terrific Tuesday and a wonderful week! – James 

“Thank you for your gentle introduction to acupuncture and your overall professionalism Adrienne.” -Seitai Shinpo Patient

Dr. Shen and the rest of the staff is always so friendly and informative. Dr. Shen has a calming voice and describes everything she does. I always leave the office relaxed and calm. I recently came here after two weeks of Bells Palsy, in a slight panic that my face was going to stay stuck. After one treatment, there was noticeable improvements the next day. Thank you Teresa! – Ping N.

Ahhh the beauty of acupuncture. Came in for a session after a horrible episode of bronchitis that put me out for a week. Dr. Shen did running cups and acupuncture to open up my lymphatic system and I immediately felt like I was able to fully breathe again!!!! I was SO amazed that I was able to see results right away as she was pricking away at various meridian points. She really knows what she is doing. Going to Dr. Shen has changed my life! I recently recommended a friend who had severe stomach pains and his doctors did not know what was wrong. On top of that his meds did not work either. He let me know he was feeling 90% better after his first session with Dr. Shen. Highly recommend giving Dr. Shen a shot. Truly life changing! 🙂 – Tammy N.

This is going to be a quite candid review but it worked.  I was having major hormone issues when you get to that certain age with your moods.  I was doing all kinds of holistic – tea, meditation, yoga but still when those hormones hit – they nailed me. I’d have to cope like no one’s business.  I just did not like how life went sideways for those weeks then back to normal then sideways then back to normal.  Irritating, frustrating, …Dr. Shen was recommended to me as I didn’t want to take any drugs.  But little needles all over? Hmmm…I set-up my appointment as I’d had it.  Dr. Shen is a God!  The first part, she listens and hears you out on what’s going on.  Then she sets you up and acupuncture takes place. It was wild as it was like she put needles on each of my chakras and maybe that was it.  Then it was settling down for 30 mins for the magic to take place.  It was different I will admit as it took me awhile chill then I did.  I say magic as whatever it did, it feels like reset button was done.  As when the time came for the hormonal tsunami to hit as always – there wasn’t one!  Sure I had my forgetfulness of why I went into a room to do something and forgot, but the other emotional roller coaster feelings did not happen.  Well worth it! – Denise L.

I was hit by a car last month, no bone broken but muscle on my leg swelled one week after the accident and I can hardly walk. I searched my health insurance network and also yelp.com and found this place, getting better after each therapy for acupuncture and acupressure. Now after one week of treatment I can walk as normal but slow. Continuing with the treatments. The therapists Dr Shen, Luo and Han are very professional and front desk technicians Connie, Su and Tully are very nice and kind, told me couple of ways I can do at home to help with healing. The place is very clean and relaxing. And they have a online system to schedule appointment by myself. Love it! – Yongbo F.

I’m 45 years old, I have been suffering from chronic migraine since I was 12 years old. Last year pain went out of control and was completely debilitating. Was taking Rx meds and OTC , increasing doses and destroying my stomach, nothing worked. Miracle happened last month, 07/05 to be exact after I started my acupuncture treatment with Dr Shen. Stomach pain, which I had for a few days prior to apt went away after my first session. I had no migraine, no pain, no PMS after 5 sessions. I feel amazing, full of energy!!! Now we r working on my skin, Dr Shen does facial acupuncture, very pleasant and calming procedure. She is the best!!! Thank you doctor for making my life and all my family so happy!!!! – Irine F.

Unbelievable care, incredible service and wisdom on so many levels – Dr. Shen is a true healer! After only a few sessions with Dr. Shen for chronic pain that I had been suffering with since my brain surgery several years earlier, I wound up breaking my right foot. I contacted her office to let them know I would have to delay my treatment due to not being able to drive there. Shortly thereafter, I received a call from Dr. Shen personally and she let me know ways she felt her treatments would speed the healing process and urged me to find a way come into the office. Additionally, she said if need be she could make one house call. So as not to lose traction on our progress, I made arrangements to be able to get to her office once a week. I was overjoyed at the significant reduction in pain with both my head and foot. Dedication and customer service on this level is almost nonexistent nowadays. I’m so happy to be experiencing relief from my nerve pain and to know my foot is on the mend under her care. I know I’m in good hands with her treatment and recommendations on nutrition, essential oils and overall care. I would gladly recommend Dr. Shen to anyone who is looking to get out of pain and into overall good health. – Joy N.

I was referred by an acquaintance to Dr. Shen in September of 2015.  I have Fibromyalgia and had been having some bad jaw pain for about 6 months.  I saw Dr. Shen for about a month and she made a world of difference for me in my jaw.  It lasted a while and when it came back, I was stubborn like usual and didn’t go back.  I referred to a pain clinic for all of my pain issues and went through a number of classes to deal with it.  About a month ago, the pain in my jaw was so bad and was causing such a headache that I took a day off work. I NEVER stay home for pain.  When I decided to stay home another day, my husband suggested I go back to see Dr. Shen. I had been in so much pain for almost a week that it caused me to call in sick so I decided to call and see if I could get in.  It was a Friday so I wasn’t expecting to get in. Much to my surprise, I got in that afternoon and have not had jaw pain in a month.  Almost immediately after the massage and acupuncture she did, I could open my mouth.  In the last year and a half, I could not open my mouth all the way nor could I eat a lot of thing because it all hurt.  For the last month, I have been able to do both.  I am continuing to see her as we work on some other things and I would love to see what she can do for my Fibromyalgia as well.  Every week I go in, I can be stressed and feeling crappy but I walk out feeling great. – Staci S.

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