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EMC PractitionersEastern Medical Center Practitioners

AcupunctureDr. Shen, L.A.cDr. Shen, Master of Chinese Medicine: My ultimate goal is for everyone to understand the power the human body has to heal itself and to realize that one day we will all learn to live without the reliance of pharmaceuticals. To read her full profile

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AcupunctureCandaceCandace Luo, L.Ac, MSTCM, MHA, CMI: specializes in working with internal disease, such as acute respiratory infections, asthma, bronchitis, digestive-intestinal disorders, fatigue, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and woman’s health issues. To read her full profile
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AcupressureHanGang_acupressure_sepiaGang Han, CMT: Mr. Han is our expert Acupressurist and Medical Message Therapist. His unique style has a curative effect and is perfect for neck, shoulder, back, and sciatic nerve issues.  To read his full profile
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Bodywork TherapistTatyana Nikol, MA, CMT: Tatyana combines massage techniques with intuitive energy work to help you release pain and emotional traumas from your body. She is proficient in (12) different modalities. To read her full profile
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AcupunctureEric Wei Wang EMC AcupunctureEric Wei Wang, DAOM L. Ac: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a focus on orthopedics trauma and sport medicine. To read his full profile
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AcupunctureAdrienne Dooling L.Ac: Acupuncture with a focus on structural alignment, chronic diseases: arthritis, fibromyalgia, diseases of the gut. To read her full profile
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Coming SoonNew Sports Acupressure Massage Therapist: Clinton Muhammad, is a native of San Francisco and currently resides in Pleasanton California. Clinton has specialized in fitness and wellness solutions through his entire 40 year career.

EMC ReceptionEastern Medical Center Staff

Reception TechnicianConnie Lee: I love working with a great doctor in a great environment and helping clients makes me happy. In my spare time I love to go to the park and exercise, or read especially about Chinese history; currently I am reading ‘Me Before You
Reception TechnicianTullyShu-Hua Tu – “Tully”:  I have been a reception technician with EMC for 3 years. I love that Dr. Shen enables her staff to interact with patients, which provides a friendly, caring environment for the staff and patients. In my spare time I enjoy the art of soap making
Reception TechnicianShu-Feng Hsia: I enjoy working at EMC because I enjoy meeting, helping and serving many different people. I love traveling in my spare time, especially to Europe where I’ve gone to 9 countries, including Germany and Switzerland

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