Scar Tissue – Post Surgery

Scar tissue is an overlooked topic. Having a little bit of scar tissue on your body is a place on the body where there is severed nerves and meridian channels. There’s nothing wrong about that, but it is good to address these so that they are “sealed up” and channels are reconnected again.

Success Stories:

There was a woman I sat next to in a seminar and we entered into a conversation about scar tissue. She said after knee surgery she always felt like it was numb. I happened to have a little acupressure tool with me and started doing some work on her knee. No more than 5 minutes later she noticed sensation going through her knee and it felt normal again. It doesn’t always take much!

Another example: a woman came in to heal her tummy-tuck scar tissue across her lower abdomen. The surgeon said it usually takes (6) months to heal completely; hers healed in 6 weeks! The first time she came in, she had a wet-suit type bandage she wore around her abdomen to keep the surgical healing together. By the third visit, she no longer needed to wear it. With each progressing treatment the swelling and redness went down and the scar looked more and more normal, rather than freshly cut and stitched. Acupuncture helps the prevention of complications for optimal healing. Needless to say, she was one happy client. Because of this success, she asked me work on a post foot surgery which she had a few months back; it never healed. Just a few sessions reduced her swollen big-toe joint and she was no longer in pain.

Working on scars can dramatically heal other parts of your body as well, and you would have no idea there was a connection that the scar via a meridian and it’s referral channels were related/tethered. Don’t underestimate the power of the scar! I highly recommended treatment for post c-sections. I had a client who had come to me for bladder issues only to find that it coincided with the scar she had after her c-section.

Essential Oils can assist in the healing of your scars


You can rub your scars with lavender essential oils and frankinscense to help the healing process. Acupuncture is your best bet for the reconstruction of your neural and energetic communication to keep your body running at 100% again!


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