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One of the most commonly asked questions about acupuncture is, “What does it treat?” Perhaps a better question is actually, “What doesn’t it treat?” Because Traditional Chinese Medicine is designed to balance the whole body (rather than just subduing a symptom or working in isolation), there are very few illnesses or health disorders beyond the scope of acupuncture.

Unfortunately, women are beat up every month by hormone shifts, so take time for yourself and let us bring you the relief you deserve!

  • PMS, Water Retention
  • Concentration Issues
  • Acne
  • Night Sweats
  • Appetite Changes, Cravings
  • Vaginitis
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Lack of Labido
  • Mood Swings, Anxiety

Acupuncture combined with Laser Therapy has proven to be a very effective healthcare cocktail to treat numerous issues that inflict women. We specialize in programs that assist with weight loss, smoking/addiction cessation, cosmetic treatmentsanxiety and stress management, and fertility too. See our Packages and make an appointment today, by calling our office, or use our automated booking system below.

Acupuncture Can Eliminate PMS Pain & Symptoms
By Dr. Teresa Shen

In Western society, it is considered normal to have PMS and menopausal symptoms. The discomfort and pain and problems are actually expected and quickly dismissed.

But it’s not “normal.”

No woman should have to suffer every month, and from the perspective of Chinese medicine, you shouldn’t have those difficult symptoms. “Normal” from an acupuncturist’s point of view is a body in balance — a body that’s not exhibiting signs of Qi stagnation. PMS as we known it is the result of blocked energy. That’s what causes the swelling, cramping, distention pain and imbalance (physical and emotional).

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Different women regularly experience different kinds of pain. Pain before menstruation suggests energy blockage and blood stagnation together, along with other lifestyle and emotional factors. Pain now and after menstruation is likely a result of a deficiency from having lost so much Qi and blood during the cycle. Pain in a particular part of the body is a combination of energy and lifestyle: Some have low back pain, whereas others have breast distention or are emotionally distraught.

What acupuncture is able to do is replenish or free up the energy the body needs to function properly. We’ll open up the liver or gall bladder channel, strengthen and tonify kidney energy, remove blood stagnation — whatever the particular situation calls for. In doing so, we’ll eliminate much of the pain and allow you to get back onto a regular, far more comfortable cycle.

“Regular” can refer to the amount and the timing. Acupuncture and medicinal herbs well help balance both by balancing the body’s hormone levels.

How Long Will it Take to Get Relief?

As a general rule, I say to receive regular acupuncture treatment through the course of three menstrual cycles to enjoy all the potential benefits. When the body’s natural energy and blood is flowing and its hormones are nicely balanced, the change can be tremendously significant. For some women, one treatment is enough to feel very different; they just need that little boost to get back on track. Some women take longer, depending on the other lifestyle factors in play.

Anger, unhappiness and stress can put additional stress on the body and work against the treatment’s balancing benefits. Anything that brings a person farther out of balance will require more help to bring back. So, to avoid rocking back and forth from improvement and regression, it’s helpful to address the pain holistically. What lifestyle changes can be made that will complement the treatment and lead to lasting relief and improvement?

Good information is also key. Many women don’t realize that eating cold food and drinking ice-cold beverages at that time of the month has a “numbing” effect that slows down blood flow and works against a natural, comfortable cycle. Constricted blood vessels will not help menstruation flow. On the other side of the equation, drinking warm liquids and eating warm foods will increase circulation and help keep things open. Many women having extreme discomfort will drink ice water and other iced drinks simply because they don’t know it will make them feel worse.

At Eastern Medical Center, we hope to be a source of helpful information through this blog and private in-office consultations, as well as a source of healing and relief through acupuncture treatments. If you’re in intense (or even marginal) discomfort every month, it’s not to be expected. There are straightforward steps we can take to improve your health and comfort level.

This is going to be a quite candid review but it worked. I was having major hormone issues when you get to that certain age with your moods. I was doing all kinds of holistic – tea, meditation, yoga but still when those hormones hit – they nailed me. I’d have to cope like no one’s business. I just did not like how life went sideways for those weeks then back to normal then sideways then back to normal. Irritating, frustrating, …Dr. Shen was recommended to me as I didn’t want to take any drugs. But little needles all over? Hmmm…I set-up my appointment as I’d had it. Dr. Shen is a God! The first part, she listens and hears you out on what’s going on. Then she sets you up and acupuncture takes place. It was wild as it was like she put needles on each of my chakras and maybe that was it. Then it was settling down for 30 mins for the magic to take place. It was different I will admit as it took me awhile chill then I did. I say magic as whatever it did, it feels like reset button was done. As when the time came for the hormonal tsunami to hit as always – there wasn’t one! Sure I had my forgetfulness of why I went into a room to do something and forgot, but the other emotional roller coaster feelings did not happen. Well worth it! – Denise L.

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