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The First Visit – Diagnostic Methods

When a patient first walks into a treatment room, the acupuncturist will check four diagnostic methods to collect information on how to treat him/her with Chinese medicine: observation, olfaction, history taking and auscultation, and palpation. Keep in mind that the Chinese will look for different things, Qi and Blood. It is very important to have a good understanding of the patient before the acupuncturist proceeds with his/her healing methods.

In observation, the doctor looks at the general appearance of the patient, whether they look pale, lifeless, overweight, or vibrant and energetic. By looking at the coating of the tongue the doctor can determine how the patient is doing internally. Different colors and coats of the tongue mean different symptoms. For example if there are teeth marks along the edges of the patient’s tongue, that diagnosis is a digestive problem. The doctor also uses the sense of hearing to determine if the patient has any abnormal noises such as wheezing, hoarse voice, constant sneezing, or general discomfort.

Olfaction is just the observation of smell. If the patient is emitting bad odors, certainly there is something wrong. History taking and ausculation is a way to find out what the patient has gone through in his/her life in order to determine the cause of disease. Doctors will look at things like past treatments by other doctors, have they been working; do family member carry this disease; and personal questions like symptoms and duration of the present illness.

Palpation is using touch to identify symptoms and signs. The pulse reading is the most fascinating because of how your blood runs through the radial artery at the wrists the doctor is able to “discover the condition of the patient’s Qi and Blood, and the physiological and pathological condition of the internal organ systems” (Gao, Duo’s Chinese Medicine). In the diagnostic process the doctor attempts to find the cause of the illness, not the symptom, by observing the symptoms and treating it.

From there, the doctor will prescribe your personalized form of Acupuncture and/or Acupressure treatment, as well as, what herbs or products may assist in the body’s healing process. Duration of treatment may last from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the treatments used. The number of visits also depends on the seriousness of illness, how long the patient has had it, and the healing abilities of the patient.

Complimentary re-evaluation and reassessment each time you come in.

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