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The staff is loving and communicative, as well as, efficient, creative, kind and respectful and our Guiding Principle at EMC, is to enthusiastically support active and whole-body healing services, to impart techniques that allow you to reach maximum self-recovery, and to minimize the use of drugs and surgery whenever possible. Combining natural medicine in conjunction with eastern and western medicine, will assist you in creating a better, more conscious life.

The Eastern Medical Center of Pleasanton (est. 1982), co-founded by Teresa Shen, Master of Chinese Medicine, offers a well-rounded, seasoned team of practitioners and support staff who look forward to sharing with you their experience, passion, and successes with eastern medicine.  
Eastern Medical Center Practitioners
Gang Han, CMT (Acupressure, Medical Message); Candace Luo, L.Ac, MSTCM, MHA, CMI (Acupuncture: focus is on internal diseases); Teresa ShenL.Ac (Acupuncture, CST: focus is on pain and stress management, addictions); Tatyana Nikol, MA, CMT (Massage, Bodywork: specialization in attention deficit disorders and trauma); 
Eric Wei Wang EMC Acupuncture
Eric Wei Wang, DAOM L.Ac (Acupuncture: focus is on orthopedics trauma and sport medicine)
Adrienne DoolingL.Ac (Acupuncture: focus is on structural alignment and chronic diseases)
Clinton Muhammad Massage Therapist
Clinton Muhammad, Sports Acupressure Massage Therapist (focus is on mobility, flexibility, corrective posture, and pain-relief services)

To schedule a consultation with any of the EMC practitioners, go to the Make an Appointment button below. New Clients can print the information they will need to bring to our office prior to a first visit below:

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Reception Staff:

Eastern Medical Center Staff
Shu-Feng Hsia, (CEO) Teresa Shen, L.Ac, Connie Lee, Shu-Hua Tu (“Tully”)

You can refer to years of helpful articles that Dr. Shen has posted for her patients. Many have found insights and answers to their questions that have helped them feel that they are not crazy, that there are solutions, and that they are not alone.

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