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EMC is excited to announce a new acupuncture clinician, Adrienne Dooling L.Ac (Adrienne is available Wednesdays and Thursdays, (10-5 pm); check Friday schedule for health consultations (9-5 pm).

Adrienne’s style of acupuncture is very different from our other acupuncturists at EMC, as her pricing reflects this. She is hands-on with the client the full 45-min session. Her specialty is on structural alignment and chronic diseases including: scoliosis, meniscus tears (not complete tears), arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chrons’ disease of the gut. Adrienne also offers Saliva Testing with Diagnos-Techs labs. You can SCHEDULE to have a health consultation with her and you READ ABOUT the benefits of testing here

Saliva Testing at EMC by Adrienne Dooling



Adrienne grew up on the South West coast of Ireland, surrounded by a landscape of wild herbs and developed a love of growing plants as a young girl, like her grandparents. She initially chose to study the arts, earning two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in painting and teaching. During this period she began studying herbal medicine and nutrition online out of London, England. In 2004, Adrienne moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where she met her mentor and teacher Dr. Chieko Maekawa, a Master Acupuncturist and renowned practitioner of healing difficult cases. After completing her formal studies of TCM in California, with a focus on the Classics and Herbal medicine, Adrienne returned to Hawaii to further her apprenticeship with Dr. Maekawa. She worked at her clinic learning how to treat chronic cases with acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as running her own private practice at the Kona Clinic of Acupuncture.

Dr. Maekawa has trained 27 students over a period of almost 20 years in an acupuncture system called Seitai Shinpo, or Japanese Structural Alignment, and at the age of 82, she continues to treat difficult patients from all over the world at her Hawaii clinic. The program took 4 years of rigorous clinical training, with an emphasis on precision and excellence. Dr. Mawkawa’s profound insight into patients’ illnesses and in-depth knowledge of acupuncture and body mechanics, left a resonating imprint on Adrienne, who studied with her for 5 years before moving back to California in 2016.

  • Licensed Acupuncturist CA & HI.
  • MTCM. Dipl. Acup. Doctoral Fellow Five Branches University. San Jose, CA.
  • Private practice,  Big Island Hawaii. Kona and Waimea.
  • Private practice,  Truckee, CA.
  • Dr. Chieko Joyce Maekawa. Five year apprenticeship. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
  • HICOM clinical instructor of herbal medicine.
  • Dr. Yanzhong Zhu. Five Branches University, Santa Cruz. Ca. (Classical Chinese medical studies)
  • Dr. Arnaud Versluys (ICEAM) SFO, Ca.
  • HAL Line.  Ship’s acupuncturist.
  • MHCAN centre for mental health. Ca.
  • Janus residential centre, Drug & Alcohol detox, SC. Ca.
  • Sally Sheriff L.Ac Women & children’s clinic, SC. Ca.
  • Ivy Wellness Centre,  SC. Ca.  certified Iact member in colonics.
  • Peggy Schaffer, Medicinal herb farm research program, Petaluma, Ca.


  • Seitai Shinpo pelvic & spinal alignment which helps with pain of many etiologies.
  • NADA certified (National Association for Drug and Alcohol Detox) and PTSD
  • Digestive Wellness including lab testing and nutritional recommendations.
  • Menopausal symptoms, PMS and other female-related issues.  

Adrienne specializes in Seitai Shinpo, a specialized form of Acupuncture and Shiunko Moxibustion also known as Japanese structural acupuncture. The essence of Seitai means center and was discovered by Dr. Daiichi Sorimachi in Tokyo, Japan, who was influenced by moxibustionist, Sawada Ken and Dr. Keizo Hashimoto MD. Its purpose is to bring your body and mind back into it’s gravitational centre, or in other words: stability, physically, mentally, particularly if you are suffering from chronic conditions that are impeding your life.

Adrienne’s Technique: Supports your mental and physical well being for you to enjoy a more healthy, harmonious, happy life:

• Correcting distortions of the skeletal structure by treating the soft tissues of the body
• Boosting immunity and increasing blood circulation
• Balancing the autonomic nervous system. (sympathetic & parasympathetic systems)
• Relieving pain and numbness through the stimulation of the vertebral nerves which releases endorphins, serotonin & neurotransmitters
• Strengthening adrenal system & supporting the cardiovascular system
• Stimulating the lymphatic system, relieving stress and more

Conditions treated with Seitai Shinpo Acupuncture include:

• Musculo skeletal disorders
• Cardiovascular Disorders
• Essential hypertension
• Post stroke parasthesias
• Neurological Disorders
• Migraine
• Trigeminal neuralgia
• Paresis following stroke
• Peripheral neuropathies
• Meniere’s Disease
• Nocturnal enuresis
• Cervico brachial syndrome

Expand to view full list of conditions

Neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Intercostal neuralgia
Disc problems

Immune related disorders
Chronic fatigue
Rheumatoid arthritis (slows down degeneration)
Low immunity
Multiple sclerosis (slows down progression)
Raynauds syndrome
Shingles (moxa) (it’s painful but effective)

Musculo-skeletal Disorders (The usuals)
Muscle pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness
Localized traumatic injuries, sprains, strains, tendonitis, contracture
Work and sports related injuries
Low back pain
Hip Pain
Piriformis syndrome
Scoliosis pain Alignment depends on age & severity. Eliminating pain is the main goal of the treatment.

Respiratory System Disorders
Bronchial asthma

Disorders of the Eye, Ear, Nose & Mouth (lots of eye disorders but I am slow to advertise as it depends on body condition of the patient)
Acute conjunctivitis
Central retinitis
Macular degeneration (plus herbs)
Toothaches, post extraction pain
Acute and chronic pharyngitis

Gastrointestinal Disorders
Spasms of esophagus and cardia
Irritable bowel, colitis, crohns
Acute and chronic gastritis
Gastric hyperacidity (acid reflux)
Chronic duodenal ulcer (pain relief)
Kidney stones (not all cases have passed stones) 50%
Acute and chronic colitis
Low appetite
Acute bacillary dysentery

Gynecological Disorders
Menopause syndrome
Benign irregular menstruation
Benign amenorrhea
Uterine prolapse (effective)

Male Disorders

Skin Disorders (moxa)
Skin tags
Carcinomas (can’t advertise though)

Psychological Disorders
Adrenal Fatigue
Somatization disorder


Seitai Shinpo Acupuncture

Seitai Shinpo seeks to eliminate pain, improve posture, release facial constriction, regulate immunity and balance the autonomic nervous system or fight-flight/rest-relaxation. It releases tight muscular contractions along the spine, thereby allowing your body to return to its natural aligned position. This realignment results in an increase in the body’s circulation, increased immune function and healthy nerve impulses being sent to all bodily organs and tissues. 

More About Seitai Shinpo and Shiunko Moxibustion

Your treatment involves a full overview of your structure followed by acupuncture and  the application of moxa which is a plant called Artemesia Vulgaris. When tiny moxa cones are applied to the body it’s oil powerfully enhances immune function and blood circulation while deeply penetrating muscles and releasing contractions. Lab tests reveal an increase of white blood cells within hours of treatment and last for up to one month.    

When muscles fibers relax the structure begins to correct itself which takes pressure off the vital organs, relieves pain thereby restoring healthy nerve and blood flow to all body systems. This increase in circulation begins the wonderful effects of feeling very relaxed and at peace allowing you to heal naturally.

Shiunko Seitai Shinpo Structural Alignment

Shiunko Moxibustion is applied to the skin on many of the points following acupuncture. The restorative effect of this form of moxibustion are very powerful and boost the effects of Acupuncture.


As a fellow health care provider, I have worked collaboratively with Ms. Dooling on some of my chiropractic patients. She has shown herself to be insightful, intellectually curious, instructive, and most importantly a skilled practitioner. She has been instrumental in helping to facilitate positive outcomes with patients that needed adjunctive care and not just my adjustments.I have been a patient of Ms. Dooling for the past two years and I have benefited from her expertise as an acupuncturist. As a practitioner, she has shown herself be compassionate, empathetic, and intuitive. With the use of needles and herbs, she has helped me significantly with my personal health issues. – Dr. N Brustin 2016

More Testimonials

Adrienne is an exceptional practitioner combined with an enjoyable bedside manner and professionalism. She treated both myself and my husband for joint pain and obesity and discussed options for our health. We developed a lot of trust and were very comfortable. Some options were new to us that we had not discussed with our doctors such as herbal use, avoiding certain foods and weight loss advice. We highly recommend her treatments and view acupuncture as an extremely useful tool for healthcare. – H J Merwin

I heard a lot about acupuncture. On this trip  I decided to try a few sessions with Adrienne. I had back pain for the last 38 years or so. After three sessions the pain in my lower back has been reduced to a minimal level. I received treatments for my neck, left shoulder, knees and feet. Even my left knee is finally in better condition and reduced from a 6 to level 1 out of 10.I learned a lot too and will recommend to all my friends who have pain. – T. Mathis

I never tried acupuncture prior to seeing Adrienne. Pain in my right leg and foot ranged from 8 to 10 and modern medications would take the edge off the pain but i still had trouble walking any distance. After my third acupuncture treatment the pain dropped to a 3-4 without any medications. Walking and standing was much more manageable and I plan to continue treatments when I go home. – T.  Christian

I have had sciatica for over two years. The onset was spontaneous and there was no injury. I tried everything western medicine had to offer; MRI’s pain injections, physical therapy and medications, all to no avail. I had five treatments of acupuncture with Adrienne and after the second I experienced relief for the first time in two years. I have less pain and more flexibility than ever. I will continue having treatments and incorporate herbs also.  If you are looking for a natural remedy for your pain, I highly recommend acupuncture! – E. Strittmatter

I had constant pain for over 6 weeks and had the great fortune to meet and discuss my problem with Adrienne. After a meticulous and in-depth consultation, I felt confident that Adrienne had grasped what was causing my back pain and prescribed a course of three acupuncture treatments over five days which brought substantial relief from a level of 7/10 to less than 1/10.  It allowed me to take full advantage of my vacation and enjoy outdoor activities.  Her professionalism and understanding of human physiology was excellent but most of all her gentle and nurturing manner put me totally at ease with the needling process. I have and continue to recommend her to my friends who need help. – B. Ferreira

I saw Adrienne for plantar fasciitis and after three treatments am walking pain free.  I was blessed to have my sciatic nerve pain and arthritis in my hands treated.  She was the answer to my prayers. – M. Miles

I never had acupuncture treatments previously and so I am not able to do a comparable… however, upon being stricken with an acute gout attack, I knew that I needed help and so I attended a talk that Adrienne was giving on nutrition, herbal medicine and acupuncture. She offered me a consultation and was confident that she could help me. Five treatments, some herbs and dietary suggestions and I was back to normal. I realize that I could have gone to the pharmacy and obtained something for immediate relief, however, I also realize that it would be a temporary solution with possible side effects. Thank you Adrienne! I am now working with my diet and confident that I am on top of my gout situation for the longterm. – J Swick

I had tendonitis for 7 months and never had acupuncture by anyone as qualified and well trained as Adrienne. On my initial treatment I was quite nervous and she taught me how to breathe from my abdomen which helped me to relax. By the first treatment I was feeling much better and by the fifth  treatment the tendonitis was minimal and has not returned. I am very appreciative of how you helped me through acupuncture and am so glad that I signed up! – H. Long

This was my first experience of acupuncture and was so glad to meet Adrienne who is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt at ease right away. The experience was a very positive one and I realize that acupuncture is just one step to well being. Adrienne’s professionalism was very refreshing.  She knew more about my genetic condition than my nurse practitioner and explained the mechanism and benefits of acupuncture for prevention and health. – A. Merwin

I really enjoy the feelings of relief, relaxation and energy that acupuncture treatments give me. I have multiple sports injuries, a bad ankle in particular and I feel good as new. I recommend trying NADA protocol with body points for this which has worked so well for me. – C. Nowell

Your treatments have helped me considerably and I will continue to have checkups every six months. – K. Blackledge

Thank you for your gentle introduction to acupuncture and your overall professionalism Adrienne. – Fran

After one treatment of acupuncture, I had no pain in my left hip and after three treatments I cannot understate the benefit it has made to low back pain that I have been suffering from for years, minor knee pain after surgery, stiff neck and ankles… All gone!! Thank you so much Adrienne. – L. Dombkowski


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