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Dr. Shen, L.A.c

CEO and Master Of Chinese Medicine, an acupuncturist of four generations of Chinese Medical practitioners. An expert in pain and stress management: stiff necks, back pain, shoulder, wrist and joint pains, migraines, addictions to drugs, infertility, and cosmetic acupuncture.

I’ve been fascinated with acupuncture since the age of five. As a child, I suffered with really horrible bloody noses. One day my father, Dr. Mason Shen, very gently inserted the tiniest needle I had ever seen into my arm; my bleeding instantly stopped. Later in life I experienced extreme stomach pain. Western diagnostics could not find a reason for the torturous, emergency-room-type pains that I endured almost every day. My father came to my rescue again with his needles when I couldn’t make the pain go away. This time, he put a needle in my toe. In that instant, all of the pains were extinguished. I was truly inspired by my father and my amazement of how a little poke of a needle, in the right place, could do things beyond belief. This was the start of my life-long journey as a practitioner of the miracle of acupuncture!” — Dr. Teresa Shen

Eastern Medical Center was founded in 1982 by Dr. Mason Shen L.Ac, Ph.D, OMD. His first clinic was in Livermore called Pain & Stress Management. In 1990, he had offices in Danville, and Tracy. Later settled in Pleasanton in 1992. Dr. Mason Shen, and his acupuncture committee changed California’s law to allow patient’s the freedom to walk into an acupuncture clinic without a referral from their doctor. Dr. Mason Shen treated thousands of patients at EMC, passing his legacy onto his daughter, Teresa Shen, L.Ac, who studied under him and graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, China.

After my education at UC Santa Cruz, and my graduation from UC Davis, I took my studies even further. My formal training in acupuncture began in the ancient Chinese city of Tianjin, where I not only learned a new language, but I learned Chinese medicine at its best, from the best! The experience of learning the arts and immersing myself in the culture of a healthy lifestyle such as drinking green tea, bicycle riding as a mode of transportation, keeping the body warm instead of cold, “lights out” during sleeping hours, and so on. Through the years I have witnessed success when Western Hospitals directly practice Chinese Medicine and how both disciplines working together produce amazing results in patients.

While I was a student practicing at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I was able to help two Korean girls overcome infertility and help my grandmother, who had diarrhea for months, get back to normal after one treatment. My personal experience of stomach pain and my knowledge of acupuncture has allowed me to be compassionate and insightful.

I want to extend my love and joy of this medicine to all that come to my office where each patient receives careful attention to detail, a thorough examination to determine the root cause of discomfort, and a personally-catered treatment procedure. My ultimate goal is for everyone to realize the power of the human body to heal itself, and to realize that the closer we are to nature, the better our bodies are to us. One day we will all learn to live without the reliance of pharmaceuticals.

Education Resume


• UC Santa Cruz, California
• UC Davis, California, B.A.
• San Francisco State University, California
• Five Branches Santa Cruz, California
• American College of TCM, San Francisco, California
• Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, DOM
• Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley, California

Achievements and Certificates:

• Acupuncture Board California State License, California
• American Institute of Acupuncture, Orthopedics and Traumatology for Clinical Exam, San Francisco, California
• TCM Sports Medicine for Lower & Upper Extremities, Integrative & Sports Medicine Center, San Jose California
• Allergies & Immunity, NCCAOM, Five Branches, Santa Cruz, California
• Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System for Weight Loss, Infertility, and other Health Issues, Los Angeles, California
• Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System for Facial Cosmetics, Los Angeles, California
• Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, California Acupuncture Board, Anaheim, California
• Qi Gong For Optimal Health, California Acupuncture Board, Anaheim, California
• Auricular Acupuncture, San Francisco, California
• Master Tong’s Points, Integrative & Sports Medicine Center, San Jose , California
• TCM EENT (Traditional Chinese Medicine Eyes, Ears, Nose Throat), Integrative & Sports Medicine Center, San Jose, California
• Trained in Enrique Bouron’s Biological Decoding® and Isabelle Benarous’ BioReprogramming®
• Heritage of Registry Who’s Who 2008-2009


• California State Acupuncture License

Professional Affiliations:

• Acu-Care Nationwide Acupuncture Network
• BNI Referral Magic
• California State Oriental Medicine Association (CSOMA)
• Eastern Medical Association
• International Massage Association
• Landmark Education
• Livermore Chamber of Commerce
• National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA)
• New Era Trainings- Era 4ce Three
• Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce
• Pleasanton Downtown Association
• Tri-Valley CVB
• Certificates from Enrique Bouron and Isabelle Benarous for Biological Decoding® and the BioReprogramming® Institute
• United California Practitioners of Chinese Medicine


• Shen, Mason and Shen, Teresa Menstruation Pain Lady Us Me Tang’s Acupuncture Point and Herbs(in Chinese) 4th International Symposium on TCM . Tianjin, China pp249 2004


• Shen, Mason and Shen, Teresa Menstruation Pain Lady Use Tang’s Acupuncture Point and Herbs 4th International Symposium on TCM. Tianjin, China pp170 2004

Dr. Shen is wonderful! Both my 6 year old daughter and myself see her. She helped my daughter successfully break the pattern of her chronic headaches and she was headache free for 3 months, a miracle!! Dr. Shen helped me through a painful miscarriage and is now treating me through my subsequent pregnancy. She’s so caring and such a great listener and always takes her time. The office is clean and the staff is super friendly and welcoming. – Martina S.

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