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The Eastern Medical Center of Pleasanton (est. 1982), co-founded by Teresa Shen, Master of Chinese Medicine, offers a well-rounded, seasoned team of practitioners and support staff who look forward to sharing with you their experience, passion, and successes with eastern medicine. Teresa Shen, L.Ac (Acupuncture, CST); Candace Luo, L.Ac, MSTCM, MHA, CMI (Acupuncture); Gang Han, CMT (Acupressure, Medical Message); Tatyana Nikol, MA, CMT (Massage, Bodywork); (not pictured) Eric Wei Wang, DAOM L.Ac (Acupuncture); (not pictured) Adrienne Dooling, L.Ac (Acupuncture). 
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HEAL at Livermore Vine


SAVE THE DATE! Tickets are now on sale for HEAL! Documentary, February 15, at the Livermore Vine!

Eric and Clinton are available to see clients on the following Saturday schedules: 

Eric is available M, Th (9-5 pm), Saturdays (9-2 pm).

Clinton is available Wed (9-4 pm) and Saturdays (9-2:30 pm).

Coming February 2018, we will be open every Saturday!