Acupuncture Brochures – A Great Intro to TCM

For some, acupuncture is a departure from the way they’d “typically” approach a health situation. In those cases, acupuncture brochures can come in very handy. This is especially true if you’re the one suggesting that somebody else consider trying acupuncture for the first time. You may not feel that you can adequately communicate what acupuncture is and how it works. You may not be entirely clear how to articulate what they can expect from their first visit. Or, they may be coming for a reason very different from yours and you need some “backup” to speak to that issue. Sometimes, the easiest thing is to hand someone a brochure and tell them to “take their time to think about scheduling a visit,” and that “you’re there if they have any questions about your experience.” Acupuncture brochures can help to take the pressure off the person because they can go back to the familiarity of their own home and really digest the new information until they have the comfort level necessary to follow up.

Eastern Medical Center offers a number of complimentary acupuncture brochures both in the office and right here in this post, which can be downloaded and printed:

‘Your First Visit’ Acupuncture Brochure

Download: (Acupuncture brochure – Your First Visit)

It’s easy for us in California’s Bay Area to forget that acupuncture is still a mystery (or even a scary unknown) to some. But once a person understands what to expect from their first visit, things are quickly demystified and comfortable. From there, newbies often get quite excited about the benefits and possibilities of acupuncture.

Here’s an excerpt from the “Your First Visit” Acupuncture Brochure:

Initial visits generally last from 30 to 90 minutes. Your acupuncturist will take a detailed health history and a physical exam and will provide you with your unique treatment plan.

During the first exam, your acupuncturist will spend time getting to know you and your health concerns. You may be asked a wide range of questions about your symptoms, eating, exercise, sleep habits and emotional states — anything that may offer insight into your health. Once your acupuncturist has gathered enough information, you’ll receive a comprehensive diagnosis and a treatment plan that will explain:

  • Your underlying imbalances
  • Your timeline of care
  • What types of treatment you will receive

‘Acupuncture Questions & Answers’ Brochure

(Click here to download)

What is acupuncture? What will my acupuncturist do? What is cupping? Will my insurance cover this? This “Questions & Answers” acupuncture brochure will put your mind at ease — quickly answering the most common acupuncture questions on people’s minds.

Here’s an excerpt from “Acupuncture Questions & Answers”:

How safe is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is an all-natural, drug-free therapy, yielding no side effects except for feelings of relaxation and well-being. There is little danger of infection from acupuncture needles because they are sterile, used once, and then discarded.

‘Acupuncture & Sports’ Brochure

(Click here to download)

More and more recreational to professional athletes are utilizing the benefits of acupuncture to heal faster and perform better. If there’s an athlete in your life, he or she should take five minutes to read this “Acupuncture & Sports” brochure. It could change their life — or at least get them back to the sport they love far faster.

Here’s an excerpt from “Acupuncture & Sports”:

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we often don’t allow adequate time to heal. We use painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to dull the aches and pains and reduce inflammation. It’s a quick and easy approach, but only a temporary fix … Acupuncture can provide a competitive edge, leading to improved performance. It is also a viable therapy in the treatment of acute sprains, strains and pains. This ancient and effective form of health care can reduce swelling, improve range of motion, strengthen your body, speed recovery time and address any underlying problems that could contribute to a future injury. Acupuncture can help create a healthier, strong, faster and more agile You.

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