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2009 2011 2012 Readers Choice Winner: Pleasanton Weekly Best Acupuncture

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Teresa Shen is a skilled and caring acupuncturist who trained in China. This impresses me as western trained practitioners have never done much for me. I have been amazed at what she did for me and two friends of mine. I have been to many acupuncturists, and is truly amazing, beyond any other I have tried. I only needed three treatments to completely change a condition that has persisted for several years. I plan on going back as the change in energy flow helps in many areas other than my main issue. –Steve B. Berkeley, CA



About Eastern Medical Center

Dr. Mason ShenEastern Medical Center was founded in 1982 by Dr. Mason Shen L.Ac, Ph.D, OMD. His first clinic was in Livermore called Pain & Stress Management. In 1990, he had offices in Danville, and Tracy. Later settled in Pleasanton in the year 1992. Dr. Mason Shen, and his acupuncture committee changed California's law to allow patient's their own freedom to walk into an acupuncture clinic without referals from their doctor. Dr. Mason Shen treated thousands of patients at EMC passing his legacy to his daughter Teresa Shen, L.Ac who graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, China and studied under him.

Please read A Tribute to the Lifetime Achievements of Dr. Mason Shen.

"My passion for acupuncture and healing is, in great measure, a gift from my father. Let me share with you some experiences as the daughter of one of the most well known acupuncturists in California." Teresa Shen, O.M.D., L.Ac.

My father, Dr. Mason Shen Ph.D, O.M.D, A.M.D dedicated more than 30 years of his life to revolutionizing the world of acupuncture. I am a third generation Chinese Medicine practitioner and studied passionately for my Doctor of Chinese Medicine degree in China. Dr. Mason Shen, who was practicing acupuncture even before Nixon went to China, inspired me with the miraculous healing he provided for all his patients. I bring to you lots of positive energy, ancient Chinese wisdom, experience from the experts, and of course the healing touch in a friendly, enjoyable and relaxing environment.The next time you decide to get acupuncture for a migraine, or back pain you can thank my father. I do everyday.

As a child, watching my father in the treatment rooms was so special to me. He filled his client rooms with loving, healing energy. His focus was always his patients. He listened to every word his patients uttered. He took time to know and care each person that he treated. My father genuinely cared for each and every patient. Couple that with his phenomenal acupuncture ability and it was no wonder his patients adored him. He gave his patients of pain relief. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be the daughter of and mentored by this most amazing man. He earned my trust, my honor and my love. He will always be my hero.

View a special message from Dr. Shen and learn how the she and the Eastern Medical Center got started.

Eastern Medical Center Practitioners

Dr. Teresa Shen, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, China, L.Ac

Dr. Teresa ShenWelcome to the Eastern Medical Center! My name is Teresa Shen, Lead Physician and Chief of Staff. I would like to introduce myself to you, and share with you some of my experiences with eastern medicine! I am the third generation practitioner of Chinese Medicine in my family! Here's how the story begins: Ever since I was 5 years old, I was enthusiastic and fascinated by acupuncture. I used to always get really horrible bloody noses. One day, my father, Dr. Mason Shen very gently inserted the tiniest needle I ever saw in my arm. My bleeding instantly stopped right there. I was amazed beyond belief in what a little poke, in the right place, could do.

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Dr. Simon Long, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, China

Dr. Simon LongMy name is Simon Long, and I'm from China. I specialize in acupressure here at Eastern Medical Center. Since 1989, I studied and practiced at Guang Zhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine of First Hospital in China. I had the opportunity to learn from many of the best, including Professor Long Cenghua, a doctor who is renowned throughout China as being one of the best in her field. From her I learned the special "TUINA" therapy, which is very good for treating those with neck and back injuries.


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